Friday, December 11, 2009

My vacation plan

For this winter break, I will go to Korea!
I was arrived at Minnesota on 18 June 2009, So I really missed my family, friends and Korea.
I have some plans to do in Korea.
First, I will eat a lot of Korean foods.
During staying in the U.S., I really missed Korean foods, which my mom make for my family because I can cook some of Korean foods.
And also, I will meet my relatives, friends, and teachers.
Because, I don't have enough friends who I can talk and hang out, I always feel lonely. So, I want to talk a lot with my friends, and listen to their story during six months.
And I'm going to change my hair style. Because I can't find the hair studio in the U.S, I have not changed my hair style. So I will change my hair right after I will be arrived at Korea.

And I will take some music classes and some general classes.
I think that the music classes are very interesting because these are very easy to understand. However, some general classes like math or writing class make me feel nervous because of my English skills. Especially I worry about math class, because I don't like math class.
But, I will not worry about my classes a lot because these are what I have to do.

During vacation, I will just enjoy the times with people who I love.

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